Many events can be done with little or no money. But having some funding can allow a community to do more, such as inviting a speaker or workshop facilitator, buying books for a book group, or paying for participants’ time spent doing professional development or curriculum development. 

Guiding Questions


Models of finding funding

Models of holding funds


For a workshop facilitator from outside the region, we typically budget $500-1000 for travel (flight/miles, hotel, and food) and a $500-1000 stipend per facilitator for a 1-2 day workshop.

For a coaching / mentoring collaboration that lasts for a semester and involves multiple meetings and discussions, we have been awarding $250-$500 minigrants. We have also given small grants to folks for organizing and/or participating in peer collaborations. Check the events list and contact the organizers for more details.

While we strongly believe that labor should be compensated; conversely, you can think quite creatively about local organizing costs.

Cutting Costs Example: When AMiIBL was planning a conference in June 2020, their initial plans were for an in-person conference, which can come with extra costs. Here are some ways they planned to minimize or eliminate those costs*:

*ultimately, those costs were eliminated altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charging a Registration Fee Example: A small registration fee can go a long way towards paying for food. For example, in the MD-DC-VA November 2017 workshop, a $20 fee for a workshop that ran from Friday afternoon through Saturday paid for breakfast and lunch on Saturday; attendees were invited to a “no-host” dinner at a local restaurant on Friday evening.


When the leadership of your region changes hands, how will existing funds be transferred or accessed?

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

People at different kinds of institutions may find value in different kinds of financial support, or need different kinds of financial support to be able to participate fully in the community.   Be sure to listen to your members and potential members for ideas you may not have thought of.

How will you ensure that financial resources are being used equitably?