Logo Policy

This policy provides our requirements regarding the use of the Communities for Mathematics Inquiry in Teaching Network (“COMMIT Network”) logotypes. The COMMIT Network logos are property of COMMIT Network. Your use of any words and logo implies acceptance of, and agreement with, the terms of this policy. Any reproduction of the COMMIT Logo must be done with the permission of the COMMIT Network, either following the guidelines listed here or by written request to CoMathInquiry@gmail.com

Each Individual COMMIT Community shall be permitted to use the following as defined below: Primary COMMIT Logo in full, Independent COMMIT Logo in full, and incomplete elements as icons and visual cues in an unofficial, non-logo capacity.

Primary Logo. Individual COMMIT Communities that are part of the COMMIT Network may use the Primary COMMIT Logo (also called the National COMMIT logo) and its variations (such as the standalone polygon), found in the COMMIT Network folder. (If you do not have access to this folder, send an email to comathinquiry@gmail.com and state which COMMIT leadership team you are representing.)

Independent COMMIT Logos. Individual COMMIT Communities that are part of the COMMIT Network may choose to create their own logo. This may be an independent logo that does not use any parts of the Primary Logo. However, if you would like to include some parts of the Primary Logo, then you must follow the policy for Naming Lockups below.

Naming Lockups. To ensure recognition of the COMMIT brand, while still being creative, a Naming Lockup logo is allowed to use parts of the Primary COMMIT logo, provided they meet the following conditions. For simplicity, a Naming Lockup logo template has been created to provide you a starting point that satisfies the conditions below; this template uses Adobe Illustrator, but you may contact comathinquiry@gmail.com to see if there is another format we can convert this into. 

All Naming Lockup logos must include the following.


This policy was approved unanimously by the 11 members of the COMMIT Network on 7/26/21.