NSF Project

The overarching goal of the National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored project was to provide targeted support to nurture the growth of the regional Communities for Mathematics Inquiry in Teaching Network (COMMIT NETWORK) represented on the project leadership team and to investigate the impact of these communities in each region, with the intent of elucidating which community-building strategies were most effective in supporting faculty to adopt, sustain, and promote the use of effective inquiry techniques in undergraduate mathematics education.

Leadership & Research Team

The project team received an NSF grant (NSF-DUE #1925188, based out of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and NSF-DUE #2317969, based out of Idaho State University) to support and study regional COMMIT Communities.  In 2020, they received supplemental funding from NSF to expand this to additional communities. The grant took place from 2019 to 2023. 

By keeping the growth and sustainability of regional COMMIT communities—and broadening participation in those communities among faculty from underrepresented groups—the project helped promote the use of effective inquiry strategies in undergraduate mathematics classrooms across the country.

Advisory Board

For this grant project, we gained advice about the big-picture aspects of the project from the following individuals.