JMM 2020

Thank you to everyone who came and participated!

At the 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver we held several large meetups for IBLC leaders, participants, and interested parties. A special thanks to Megan Selbach-Allen, of the coalescing California-Nevada IBLC, for co-organizing these events. And a special thanks to Project NExT for providing space for this event and agreeing to continue to collaborate with us in future years. IBL SIGMAA has also agreed to similarly collaborate with us, so we hope to continue the tradition of these meetups at future JMM and MathFest conferences.

Network of IBL Communities Leadership Meeting

Thursday Jan 16th, 4:15-5pm, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, CO

Join us for a short meeting and conversation about the Network of IBL Communities. This meeting is for anyone interested in leading or starting a regional IBL Community.

Organizers: Megan Selbach-Allen, Amy Ksir

Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f, Ballroom Level, Convention Center (the Project NExT room)

IBL Communities regional Meetups

Thursday Jan 16th, 5:15-6pm

In this first year of our pilot meetups, we welcome everyone from the listed regions who are interested in discussing IBL and getting involved in their local IBL Community. Each region may have a different meeting location, so check the website for where to meet.


  • Organizer: Megan Selbach-Allen

  • Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f until 5:30pm when we will transition to Stout Street Social, 1400 Stout St, Denver, CO


  • Organizer: Aliza Steurer

  • Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f

Maryland, DC, and Virginia

  • Organizers: Amy Ksir, Spencer Hamblen, Jeb Collins

  • Location: Euclid Hall, 1317 14th Street | Historic Larimer Square | Denver, Colorado 80202


  • Organizer: Victor Piercey

  • Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f

New England

  • Organizer: Chrissi von Renesse

  • Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f

Upstate New York

  • Organizer: Xiao Xiao

  • Location: Mile High Ballroom 4d-4f

Megan Selbach-Allen
Aliza Steurer
Victor Piercey
Chrissi von Renesse
Xiao Xiao